FCC Update

LRR’s Volunteers, Supporters, and Friends:

Earlier this week, the FCC dismissed our application for a low-power FM license. The FCC granted the available 106.5 frequency to two organizations: the local chapter of Knights of Columbus and the Corporation for Educational Advancement. We offer our congratulations and wish them success.

This means Little Raleigh Radio, at least for the time being, will not be broadcasting over traditional radio airwaves in and around downtown Raleigh. While we are deeply disappointed by the FCC’s decision, we understood this was a possibility from the outset and planned for this contingency. This is definitely not the end for Little Raleigh Radio.

Our mission and operations are not changing because we are unable broadcast over the FM airwaves. We are committed to community radio — radio that is created by our friends and neighbors; radio that informs and entertains our friends and neighbors. Community radio is not limited to the FM airwaves.

We are living in the midst of a renaissance in radio — where the Internet allows us to share ourselves unencumbered by the airwaves. And we are in the heart of Raleigh; a city with a hopeful, gritty, and entrepreneurial spirit. This fuels our drive to create meaningful, informative, and entertaining programming. We do what we do because we love creating and we love Raleigh.

We have strong local voices producing curating content to share everyday. The current schedule is at http://www.littleraleighradio.org/?q=node/34.

The best way to listen is to go online using either streaming link:


For mobile devices we are on Tunein:

The FCC Dismissal Letter:

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