About Us

Little Raleigh Radio is growing out of a desire to create a Low Power FM Station to serve where we work, live and play.

Right now we are undergoing a population and cultural boom that is creating an astonishing vibration in our community. Paralleled with this is a growing appetite for connecting to our community and expressing who we are. We aspire to create a medium for this, to build an organization that will broadcast music, art, theater, news and portraits of our city.

We think the time is right to begin the barn raising of a hyper local community radio station. We want growth you can hear. We want to satisfy listeners’ hunger for fresh audio content by building a place that is an outlet for celebrating, debating, sharing and experiencing where we are. Local is about what is 2 blocks over and 6 blocks down. Little Raleigh Radio is about hearing the community you belong to.

This is our interpretation of what a Low Power FM Radio station is and it’s happening because of the changes resulting from the Low Power Act of 2010. Our ideas on accessibility, having a LPFM station and creating content are existent only because we love where we live.

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