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Little Raleigh Radio BLOG REFRESH: Second Quarterly Board Meeting

Hello Little Raleigh voices—producers, volunteers, supporters, and owners of LRR t-shirts! This is a first-in-a-long-time post, and it is meant to fulfill two related purposes. (1) This post is meant to re-start our public blog as a place for celebration, conversation, and institutional memory. (2) It is meant to report on our second quarterly board meeting of 2019.

To address purpose #1, then: look for a blog post every week from here on out. We’ll be reporting about specific shows, LRR events, and LRR-related Raleigh happenings. If you want to submit a post yourself, please let Kate Maddalena know at

And on to purpose #2. The Little Raleigh Radio board of directors met on the very last day in March, 2019. It was a Sunday. It was chilly but bright, and we held our meeting in the NC Museum of Art park, in the Shelter near The Pig. (Many of us know The Pig as an interesting piece of public sculpture, albeit a poorly-designed slide—too steep! The Pig has recently been damaged by a tree, and so it currently lacks the porcine snout that marks it as, in fact, a pig.) Here’s a picture of some of us, a bit chilly in the sun.

The Board meeting was appropriate for spring. It was celebratory and creative. Here are the highlights:

  • Little Raleigh Radio is officially a 501c3 non-profit organization. We’re joining a distinguished crowd of non-profits serving the Raleigh community.
  • Little Raleigh Radio has balanced its budget. We are in the black and right on track to stay that way for years to come.
  • We’re planning three exciting PR/Marketing events this summer, and we can’t wait.

That last bullet is the funnest one, of course. Each of the events will get its own blog post(s) in the coming months, but here’s a quick rundown: we plan be at CAM on a First Friday, we plan to host a recording booth at Out Raleigh, and we plan to pop in to a pop-up event at Trophy at Maywood. Do you want to help out or come see us? Get in touch.

Till next week, LRR.


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